Academic Advising

Mission Statement

The Academic and Career Coaching Center is dedicated to helping undergraduate students discover, plan, and achieve their academic goals, all while learning to become 21st century business leaders. 

As professional Academic Advisors, we are committed to teaching students how to effectively manage their academic success. We ensure that students have access to accurate information about expectations and requirements, so that they can take initiative and responsibility for their success. We uphold University and Belk College standards in a professional and respectful manner that reflects an appreciation for students from all backgrounds.  

Student Learning Objectives

By participating in academic advising activities, students will:

  • Know the requirements to complete their chosen pre-major, major, and minor and curricula.
  • Evaluate degree options in light of their strengths and interests to determine if a Belk College major is appropriate for them.
  • Create and follow an academic plan which outlines the sequence of courses they will take to graduate within 4-6 years and allows for internship and study abroad experiences.
  • Evaluate their academic performance so that they can use academic support resources as needed.


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