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#NextGenCLT is a print, digital and event series presented by Charlotte Business Journal, the UNC Charlotte Belk College of Business and The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery that includes exclusive interviews, how-to articles and content for and about millennials in business, at play and supporting the causes they love.

From the importance of mentors, to career climbing and growth, you'll get an insider's view on what it takes to succeed in today's business environment. Join us for key insights on personal branding tips from our All-Star panel of young professionals making their mark in their industry, company and our community.

The Belk College of Business is the academic sponsor for #NextGenCLT, a print, digital and event series presented by Charlotte Business Journal that includes exclusive interviews, how-to articles and content for and about millennials in business, at play and supporting the causes they love. The next event in the series if planned for September 18 around the theme of entrepreneurship. The moderator as well as two of the three panelists are Belk College alumni! Learn more and register

Monday, September 18
4:00-6:00 p.m.
Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Charlotte


#NextGenCLT Published Articles

The #NextGenCLT Series by the Charlotte Business Journal features distinguished Belk College of Business alumni as they offer advice on what it takes for millennials to succeed in today's business world. This event series includes exclusive interviews, insights and content for and about millennials in business, at play and supporting the causes they love. All articles are originally published in the Charlotte Business Journal through the #NextGenCLT partnership with the Belk College of Business.

by: Jabbar Jamison 

I once read an article about what CEOs credited to their success. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan, said he took time to read everything he could to get additional information. Read more.

by: Jeannette Kuda

I just celebrated my 40th birthday, and with age comes wisdom – at least I hope. I always thought of myself as just a late bloomer. I was happy with my mediocre job, mediocre relationships [...] Read more.

"​Developing your personal brand as a millennial"

by: Jaime Bochantin

While navigating the murky waters of career development, being able to express one’s personal brand is important. Millennial job seekers need to ask themselves, “What sets me apart?” Read more.

"​Three steps to personal branding"

by: Scott Lieberman

I was honored to participate on the #NextGenCLT panel, which focused on effective personal branding. This is a topic which means a lot to me, not just because part of my full-time job [...] Read more.

"​Career growth depends on your network"

by: Bryan Delaney

At a certain point in your career, you develop your own philosophy and strategies for professional growth. Those who are lucky enough know the path they want to take right away, while others (the majority of us) are more likely to take longer to figure it out. My own strategy for career [...] Read more.

"​Five career-growth tips for millennials"

by: Kapil Jagtiani

Having spent 15 years in the workplace, I can relate to why many millennials are dispirited. It can be discouraging to be constantly decrypting age-old industry jargon, navigating through intricate layers of organizational hierarchy, fending off stereotypes about your generation [...] Read more.

"​How to succeed as a millennial woman in business"

by: Alexandra Dunn

I had the opportunity to attend the recent #NextGenCLT event and I was not disappointed. As a woman millennial finishing my dissertation and studying business, I was excited to hear the four female panelists discuss strategies for success and how to take advantage of opportunities for growth for millennial women in business. The discussion was multifaceted, thoughtful [...] Read more.

"Alumna: What it means to be a millennial woman in business"

by: Leticia Foster

Millennials are a “hot” topic in today’s business world. Though the exact demographics have been debated, some define millennials as those born between 1980 and 2000. Within this 20-year span, I barely make the cut. Yet there is a part of me that is a part of every millennial. Read more.

"MBA alumna shares 3 tips for women interested in STEM careers"

by: Shabari Basu

It has been a very interesting journey for me as a leader in the renewable energy industry. I love what I do for many reasons. First, I’m working in an exciting industry that is growing and developing. The growing support and acceptance of renewable energy within our community [...] Read more.

"Alumna: How volunteering can advance your career"

by: Joanna Gammon

Last week, I was in good company as a panelist of the first #NextGenCLT event. The topic was community engagement, near and dear to my heart. Serving on boards and being involved in the community can help build a resume and network, make you a more rounded individual [...] Read more.

"Dean Ott to young business leaders: Engage with your community"

by: Dean Steven Ott

As the dean of the business school in the fastest-growing university of the UNC system, I have the opportunity to meet inspirational and successful alumni every single day. In fact, because of our location in one of the most vibrant business cities in the country, UNC Charlotte [...] Read more.