Linyun Yang

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Friday 244B
PhD, Duke University
BS, University of Michigan
Consumer Behavior
Global Marketing
Marketing Strategy

Dr. Yang’s research examines how consumers use and react to stereotype information in various social situations. Since the cognitive ability to process information is limited, people often rely on stereotypes to help them make sense of their social environment. Despite their questionable accuracy, stereotypes provide an efficient way for people to utilize past experiences and social learning to infer the characteristics and behaviors of individual group members. Dr. Yang’s research examines how both the stereotypes applied to the self and those applied to others have implications for various consumer behaviors, including product choice, persuasion, and health behaviors.

Dr. Yang has also served as an ad hoc reviewer for a number of journals including the Journal of Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Psychology and has presented her research at national conferences such as the Association for Consumer Research Conference. She currently teaches marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and global marketing at the Belk College of Business.