The Live Wire - Belk College of Business

The Live Wire is UNC Charlotte's live streaming program every Thursday. The program is streamed live online at on Thursdays at 2 pm. The program is also archived on the UNC Charlotte Youtube channel approximately three days after the live streaming and re-broadcast on UNC Charlotte Cable Television following the live broadcast.

The Belk College of Business on The Live Wire

Dr. Ted Amato and Craig Depken - Belk Scholars Program - May 2015


Scott Pion - MBA Program - April 2015


Dr. Faith Neale and Yancey Hicks - Risk Management and Insurance Program - April 2015


Dr. Dolly King - Department of Finance - March 2015


Dr. Sunil Erevelles - Department of Marketing - March 2015


Kurtis Thompkins - Executive Education - February 2015


Joshua Hertel and Paul Prae - Data Science and Business Analytics Program - February 2015


Alyson Metcalfe and Liz Ward - Master of Science in Real Estate Program - December 2014


Dr. Stephen Billings - Center for Real Estate - December 2014


Alexandra Yaconetti - Graduate Business Association - November 2014


Dr. Christie Amato - Executive Education - November 2014


Dr. Ted Amato and Brittany Nunn - Business Honors Program - October 2014


Dr. Justin Webb and Luzina Holden - Business Innovation - October 2014