Study Abroad - Graduate Student Programs

Global Marketing in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Experience the Chinese business culture through corporate visits in both Shanghai, China and Hong Kong. Led by Dr. Charles Bodkin of the Belk College of Business’ Department of Marketing, this spring break study abroad will give MBA students the opportunity to explore and learn about the unique marketing strategies used by firms doing business in Asia.

Global Marketing in Shanghai and Hong Kong


International Real Estate Study Tour: Shanghai Taipei

Students enrolled in “MSRE 6102 International Real Estate Study Tour” will have an opportunity to receive 3 hours of academic credit, while traveling to Taipei, Taiwan, and Shanghai, China to meet with commercial real estate professionals active in these emerging markets. Guest speakers from a variety of different firms will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with doing business in these markets and the unique characteristics of the local real estate industry. 

International Real Estate Study Tour


Doing Business in Central Europe: Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic 

Led by Dr. Rick Conboy of the Belk College of Business, this program gives students the opportunity to earn three hours of credit by traveling to Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic to explore the connection between the economies of Germany and countries in Eastern Europe.

Doing Business in Central Europe