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CURRENT UNC Charlotte Students

Current students who wish to declare a major in the Belk College of Business must attend a workshop - RESERVATION REQUIRED.  Please see listing below for upcoming change of major workshops:

CHANGE OF MAJOR WORKSHOPS: (workshops last approximately 1 hour)

Wednesday, August 16th at 2:30pm - Click Here to RegisterLOCATIONFriday Building, Room 107

*Please be sure and review the eligibilty information below prior to registering for a workshop.

Cancellations for any reason should be made within 24 hours of the session. To cancel, please call 704-687-7585 or email


In order to be eligible to declare a business major and participate in a workshop, the following requirements must be met and reflected on the academic transcript:

  • Earn a minimum of 24 credit hours at UNC Charlotte
  • Earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA at UNC Charlotte
  • Earn a minimum 2.50 cumulative in Progression courses completed*
    • *Attempts include courses taken at UNC Charlotte and other institutions. 
    • *To calculate the Progression GPA, use the GPA Calculator on the Registrar’s website:
  • Earn a minimum grade of “C” in at least two of the Progression Courses within two attempts (one course must be MATH1120 or equivalent or STAT1220 or equivalent).

Additional Notes:

  • Progression Courses, and their equivalents, include: ACCT 2121 and 2122, BUSN1101, ECON 2101 and 2102, INFO 2130, MATH 1120/1121/1241, and STAT 1220/1221/1222
  • Students with outstanding “D’s” or “F’s” in Progression Courses, or equivalents, are not eligible to declare a major.
  • BUSN1101 at UNC Charlotte is restricted to students in the Belk College of Business. BUSN1101 is included as a progression course for students who have received transfer credit for the course
  • Students who have completed ECON 1101 with a D or F do not need to retake the course to be admitted into the College of Business but must complete ECON 2101 OR ECON 2102 with a C or better before they would be eligible to declare a Business major.
  • All attempts in courses count toward the GPA (cumulative and progression) unless a grade replacement is used.
  • Note that the requirements to declare Accounting, Business Administration with a Concentration in Business Analytics, and Economics with a Liberal Arts Concentration differ from those of other majors. See the Catalog for more information.

In the event that you do not meet the requirements to change to business at this time, please contact the University Advising Center (UCOL) in Colvard 2200 for advising during your transition phase.  The University Advising Center will be able to guide you on what classes to take this semester in preparation for your transfer to Business. The University Advising Center does offer walk in advising, please contact at 704-687-7717 for open hours.

Declaration of Minor Application (Non-Belk College Majors Only): This application is required for non-Belk College majors who wish to declare a minor in Economics, Management Information Systems, or Operations & Supply Chain Management. Students must meet all prerequisite requirements on this form.  Completed forms may be submitted for review to the Academic and Career Coaching Office (Friday 368), email, or fax 704-687-1388.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS (students who are not enrolled at UNC Charlotte)

The Belk College of Business encourages prospective students to attend Explore UNC Charlotte Open House events, Transfer Thursdays (for transfer students), and Admitted Student Days (for accepted students). See the Visit UNC Charlotte page for details about each.


Additional Information for Prospective Transfer Students

Prospective transfer students must carry a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in all previous coursework to be eligible to enter UNC Charlotte in the Belk College of Business.  All eligible transfer students, regardless of credit hours, are admitted as pre-majors and must participate in Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR). Transfer students with less than a 2.5 cumulative GPA will be admitted as Undeclared majors if they meet all other UNC Charlotte admission criteria. They may change majors to the Belk College after fulfilling the requirements above for Current UNC Charlotte Students.

UNC Charlotte’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions maintains an online service that can help future students determine which prior coursework has been approved for transfer to the University.  Business courses must have previously been evaluated by the Belk College to appear in this database, which means transfer students may need to seek a special evaluation of their prior business coursework to receive full credit. To do this, newly admitted transfer students should contact the Acadmeic and Career Coaching Office to receive assistance from their future Academic and Career Coach.  Transfer students must provide catalog course descriptions or syllabi in order to have credit evaluated for transfer.

Additional Information for Prospective First-Time Freshmen

Prospective freshmen who wish to enter UNC Charlotte as Belk College of Business students should select a Belk College major on their application for admission.  Eligible students will be accepted as pre-majors in the Belk College and are required to participate in Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR).  Students who are not eligible for Belk College admission, but who are eligible for admission to UNC Charlotte will be admitted as Undeclared majors.  They may change majors to the Belk College after fulfilling the requirements above for Current UNC Charlotte Students.