BLC Curriculum

Members of the BLC are actively engaged with academic, social, and professional development opportunities. The community provides students with unique ways to expand business knowledge and skills while connecting with Charlotte area businesses, faculty, staff, fellow students, and campus resources.

BLC students begin their academic career in a designated section of Introduction to Business and Professional Development (BUSN 1101). BUSN 1101, taken during the fall of the freshman year, consists of freshman seminar topics along with an overview of each business discipline and an introduction to campus resources. BUSN 1101 frequently involves guest speakers and business-related excursions, both on and off-campus. The course enhances a student’s understanding of his or her strengths and interests, and aims to create leaders who are intentional, curious, and aware.

Schedule of Classes

As freshmen, BLC students will take two or three classes each semester within the learning community environment. Students fill the remainder of their schedule with classes of their choosing from the recommended academic plan of study for freshmen in the Belk College of Business.

All BLC students will be advised during Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) and again each semester by a Belk College Academic and Career Coach to ensure proper progression of the degree requirements at UNC Charlotte.