Student Life

C.F. Lynch hallBLC students work hard, but they also enjoy college life. Students in the BLC take part in team-building exercises and etiquette dinners, go hiking, play video games, watch sports, go shopping, and hang out in the dorms with friends. The BLC lends itself to a true sense of community by bringing students together in a common experience and creating connections.

The BLC is a residential program, and students live on campus in C.F. Lynch Hall. Designed specifically for learning community students, it accommodates both the living quarters for students, as well as quiet study areas, meeting halls, and classrooms.

Lynch Hall is suite-style living with four students sharing a bath and living space. Most suites will have single bedrooms with a limited number available with double bedrooms. There are lounges and laundry facilities available on each floor. The first floor features two classrooms, a large community room, a vending area, a kitchen for all to share, and a great courtyard for planned events.

Accepted students should complete a Housing and Residence Life application and deposit before applying to the BLC. Students will be assigned to Lynch Hall upon acceptance into the  program.   Housing and Residence Life coordinates specific roommate assignments, and all roommates must be BLC participants .