Majors and Concentrations

Students are initially classified as a Pre-Accounting (PACC), Pre-Business (PBUS), or Pre-Economics (PECO) major during their freshman and sophomore years.

In the fall semester of junior year, students will meet with an Academcic and Career Coach to declare an upper-division major from the list below. To learn about the requirements to declare a major, click here.

Accounting (ACCT)

Students acquire the conceptual and technical knowledge to develop, measure, analyze, and validate financial information. Career opportunities include: Budget Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, Collection Agent, FBI Agent, Financial Analyst, Internal Auditor, Loan Officer, Payroll Manager, Stock Broker,  and Trust Accountant.

Economics (ECON)

Students examine ways to allocate scarce resources (like land, labor, and capital) to the production of goods and services, and explore the growth of the world’s economies, tax policies, energy costs, inflation, unemployment, labor unions, tariffs, and international trade. Career opportunities include: Consultant, Cost Analyst, Data Analyst, Economist, Estate Planner, Financial Officer, Forecaster, Intelligence Agent, International Trade Specialist, Labor Economist, Lawyer, Litigation Analyst, and Statistician.

Concentration in Business

Concentration in Liberal Arts

Finance (FINN)

Finance is the study of the valuation of financial assets, as well as investment opportunities.  Students learn about corporate financial issues such as capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend decisions, investments, portfolio management, and the valuation and measurement of risk.  Career opportunities include: Appraiser, Claim Adjuster, Capital Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Consultant, Insurance Agent, Investment Advisor, Investor Relations, Mutual Fund Manager, Realtor, Securities Broker, and Stock Broker.

Concentration in Finance

Concentration in Finance/Accounting

Concentration in Risk Management & Insurance

International Business (IBUS)

International Business majors learn how to apply a global perspective to the fundamental disciplines of business (i.e. finance, management, marketing, etc.) for organizations whose business transactions cross national borders.  It is critical for students to understand how these organizations are impacted by market opportunities, competition, demand for raw materials, low labor costs, and government regulations.   Career opportunities include: International Account Executive, International Trade Specialist, Government Relations Manager, Foreign Diplomat, Foreign Correspondent, Exchange Trader, Importer/Exporter, Linguist/Interpreter, and Negotiator.

Management (MGMT)

The study of Management focuses on how individuals and groups function within organizations and how organizations interact with their environment.  Managers plan, organize, lead, and control resources to achieve organizational  objectives through people. Students learn the fundamental concepts of teamwork, leadership, communication and ethics.  Career opportunities include: Business Analyst, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Personnel Manager, Project Manager, Purchasing Agent, Recruiter, Restaurant/Hotel Manager, Sales Manager, and Securities Trader.

Concentration in Organizational Management

Concentration in Talent Management

Management Information Systems (MGIS)

Business organizations depend on Management Information Systems to collect and analyze data on customers, suppliers, competitors, and other inputs, in order to make sound decisions. Students focus on organizing, representing, and manipulating information data using the latest computer-based technology, and are trained to understand computer hardware, software, and computer-based decision support technology. Career opportunities include: Application Programmer, Consultant, Chief Information Officer, Database Administrator, IT Manager, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst/Developer/Engineer,Technical Support Specialist, and Web Designer.

Concentration in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Concentration in Management Information Systems

Concentration in Systems Analysis

Marketing (MKTG)

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the design, pricing, distribution, and promotion of products.  Students learn about product management, promotions management, retailing, sales, advertising, research, strategy, and consumer behavior. Career opportunities include: Advertising Manager, Brand Manager, Creative Director, Communications Coordinator, Internet Marketing Manager, Marketing Director, MediaBuyer, Merchandiser, Promotions Manager, and Sales Manager.

Concentration in General Marketing

Concentration in Marketing Analytics

Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM)

Students learn how to efficiently use resources to provide organizations with quality goods and services through forecasting, managing day-to-day operations, scheduling personnel and equipment, managing quality and inventory, and working with suppliers.  Career opportunities include: Materials Controller, Operations Manager, Production Planner, Inventory Manager, Project Analyst, Quality Control Officer, Risk Analyst, Security Supervisor, and Scheduling Coordinator.