Student Life

Business Honors students are just like other typical college students. On evenings and weekends, they hang out with friends, go to the movies or out to dinner, play intramural sports, or participate in other student organizations. Membership in the BHP creates a strong bond between students and it is not surprising that friendship is often cited as one of the most important components of the BHP experience. Each fall, new BHP students take part in a teambuilding retreat, designed to introduce new members to one another as well as to the BHP faculty. The BHP Student Leadership Board plans an average of two professional meetings per month.  These meetings feature local business leaders, recruiters looking for interns and/or full time employees and mentors who offer guidance on the development of soft skills.  The BHP Student Leadership Board also plans social events during the semester such as softball games, potluck dinners, and community service events. BHP members are encouraged to maintain a balanced student life. While studying and hard work are integral to student success, it is also healthy to have a life outside of classes and homework to promote independence and responsibility.

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BHP Residence Life

Business Honors students have the option of living in Levine Hall, which is primarily reserved for Honors participants. Residents include students from the Business Honors Program, University Honors Program and Levine Scholars Program.