Honors and Scholars

Expand the frontiers of knowledge and leverage discovery through innovative programs that encourage research, creative activities, and graduate education. 

Business Honors Program: The Business Honors Program is a challenging 2-4 year plan of study (depending on year of entry) for motivated students with excellent academic performance. BHP students can participate in stimulating coursework, leadership activities, team-building exercises and community service projects designed to enhance marketability after graduation.

Belk Scholars Program: UNC Charlotte's Belk Scholars Program in business analytics is a fast-track curriculum that enables graduates to pursue lucrative, high-demand careers in business analytics. Part of the University's Data Science Initiative, this program allows high-achieving students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree in five years.

"The Business Honors Program is setting me up for success after graduation by providing me with leadership opportunities and professional development resources that allow me to develop skills that are critical in the professional world like teamwork, problem solving, interpersonal communication and networking skills."

- Connor Derrick, Business Honors Program Member 

"The people in the BHP community are constantly pushing and wanting for their peers to improve. Also, having the city of Charlotte in your backyard opens unique opportunities stimulate personal and professional growth."

 -Adonis Abdullah, Sophomore, Pre-Business Major, Business Honors Program and Belk Scholar