Ercan Karadas

Visiting Professor
Friday 227C

Ercan Karadas joined the Belk College of Business in August 2018. Before joining the Belk College, he taught various statistics and econometrics courses at New York University after earning his Ph.D. in economics from the same institution. In his current research, he strives to understand some of the long-standing questions in economics, such as the causes of business cycles and the drivers of economic growth and technological progress. In another project, he has been investigating the mathematical structure of the notion of general equilibrium. His research on the business cycles and growth theory share two novel ingredients: division of labor and income dependent consumption preferences (non-linear Engel curves).  For example, he shows that the interaction between these two ingredients serves as a very strong internal propagation mechanism that can significantly increase the amplification of the exogenous shocks - a long quest in the business cycle theory. On the other hand, his research on the general equilibrium aims to develop a better understanding of the mathematical structure of the general equilibrium models and then to devise more efficient numerical algorithms in the computation of equilibria.