Solange Tricanowicz

Assistant Director for Employer Relations and Career and Professional Development
CCB 718

B.A. in Communication and Spanish, University of Tulsa 
M.S. in Organizational Communication, Northeastern University

My advice to students

My advice to students is to be both strategic and flexible in your professional journey. Know that opportunities present themselves in funny ways, so it is prudent to know what you want your end game to be while also knowing that you can learn from the unexpected. 

Why consider an M.S. in Management

The M.S. in Management is such a unique opportunity to expand the breadth of employment opportunity, as well as growth potential, within any industry. If you want to enhance the knowledge and experience you already have with some business skills, the M.S. in Management is for you. This program will make you an attractive professional to a myriad of employers. 

About me

I love meeting new people, cooking and spending time with loved ones. I'm also fluent in three languages, so traveling and getting to connect with new people in a foreign language is one of my favorite things!