Katie Wallace

My MACC experience

My time at the Belk College of Business has admittedly been a lot more challenging than I had anticipated. The schedule and workload is demanding and fast-paced, but it is definitely manageable. The MACC program is really well designed and tailored to help students achieve their ultimate goal, which for most is to finish the program, pass the CPA exam and launch a career in public accounting

Master of Accountancy (MACC)
Katie Wallace, Master of Accountancy program
Why the MACC Program

After completing my bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University, I spent the next 7 years working in my family business. While that was extremely rewarding, I was ready to switch gears and pursue a career where I can achieve more professional growth.

Why the Belk College of Business

The Belk College of Business MACC program has an outstanding reputation. I knew that it would be a great place to further my education and that it would give me all of the tools I needed to succeed. As a Charlotte native, I was glad that I would be able to continue my studies without having to relocate, and that the schedules offered by the College would allow me to continue to work while in school. I was really impressed by the College’s new Center City campus as well. Not only is it super nice, but also it is extremely convenient and caters to graduate students and working professionals.

Outside the Classroom

I currently work for my family in the auto racing industry. When not working or studying, which seems to be rare these days, I love to travel and spend time with friends and family.

Outstanding Faculty and Staff

I think the best part of my academic experience so far has been all of the great faculty and staff that have helped me throughout my time in the MACC program. Everyone has gone above and beyond to make everything so easy. The admissions staff were so helpful and accommodating when I was applying and ultimately enrolling, and I can’t say enough about the faculty. You can really tell that all of the professors genuinely want you to succeed, not just in the program, but in passing the CPA exam and finding a job in accounting field as well. They spend a lot of time getting to know each student, and have truly gone above and beyond what I could have ever expected. It’s really been a great experience.

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