Micah Thomas

Name: Micah Daniel Thomas

Current Ambassador Position/Program: Ambassador - M.S. Economics

Program (Full-Time, Part-Time): M.S. Economics (Full-Time)

Concentration/Area of Emphasis: Quantitative Methods

Current Employer Outside Belk College: North Carolina Army National Guard

Position: Avionic Mechanic

Anticipated Graduation Month/Year: May 2020

Undergraduate Institution and Degree: University of North Carolina at Charlotte - B.S. in Economics

Favorite Place in Charlotte: BB&T Ballpark

Hometown: Stanley, NC

Dream Job: Research Economist for the Federal Reserve Bank

LinkedIn Profile

Graduate Student
Master of Science in Economics

​What degree are you pursuing and why?

I am currently pursuing an M.S. Economics degree in the hopes of furthering my education through a Ph.D. program in economics following graduation. I believe economic theory plays a fascinating yet pivotal role in decision making that impacts nearly everything in our daily lives.

​Why did you choose the Belk College of Business over others?

The Belk Scholars Program and the campus location were the primary drivers of my decision to attend the Belk College of Business.

​If you are currently working outside Belk College, tell us about your job. What lessons have you learned in your courses that you were able to apply on the job? 

Outside the Belk College of Business, I currently serve as an Avionic Mechanic in the North Carolina Army National Guard. While the coursework is not directly related to my military occupation, the rigor of graduate courses has built upon the personal resilience established by the Army and helps to make me a more effective non-commissioned officer.

​What can you share about your experience so far being an Ambassador, and what do you hope to accomplish this year in your role?

Serving as a program ambassador has enabled me to reach out and engage with a diverse group of students and prospective students across the Belk College of Business. In this role, I hope to be a sound resource for information and encouragement to my peers in the program.

What has been the best part of your academic experience so far?

The amount of one-on-one time with professors made available to students has proven to be a valuable resource to me. It has opened many doors and thoroughly enriched my academic experience.

​How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone considering a master’s program?

The Belk College of Business hosts relevant and rigorous programs designed to adapt and meet the needs of the changing marketplace. It provides a welcoming environment with knowledgeable and approachable faculty who wish to see you succeed surrounded by a student body dedicated to supporting each other

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