Neha Varda

Name: Neha Varda

Major: Marketing

Anticipated Graduation Year: May 2022

Hometown: Morrisville, NC

Favorite Place on Campus:
My favorite place on campus is the 7th floor of the library because they have big bay windows that you can sit and do your homework on with a clear view of the city's skyline!

Undergraduate Student
Women in Business Ambassador and Director of Communications for the Business Honors Program, Neha Varda says the #BelkCollege is diverse and inclusive. The people she has met at UNC Charlotte understand the importance of networking and help each other succeed, resulting in a tight-knit community.
Why did you choose to attend UNC Charlotte?

I chose to attend UNC Charlotte because of my acceptance into the Business Honors Program! Charlotte is also a great city to be in for internships and job opportunities, and I loved our beautiful campus when I first toured here!

Why did you choose to join the Business Honors Program (BHP)?

I chose to join BHP because I wanted better opportunities for myself as a business major. I figured it could give me a leg up with internships, networking, and classes!

What has been your greatest or most defining experience throughout your time in BHP thus far?

I attended the Bank of America visit as a freshman and it was a great networking opportunity with professionals in the field I want to go into. It was also a really unique experience to be on one of the top floors of the BoA building uptown!

What student organizations are you involved with on campus?

I am a RA in Levine Hall, Ambassador for the Women in Business Initiative, a Marketing Intern for the 49ers Athletics Department and Director of Communication on the Executive Board for the Business Honors Program.

Have you done an internship?

I am currently doing a marketing internship with the 49ers Athletics Dept. It is a hands-on internship where I assist with all the marketing promos, both digital and print, as well as in-
game promos, such as during half-times for most sports (Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, etc.).

How will BHP help you land your dream job or set you up for success after graduation?

It will provide me with great opportunities such as internships, study abroad experiences, and networking with professionals and my peers. As a second year executive board member, I am also getting great leadership skills!

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone who is thinking about applying?

The Belk College of Business is diverse, inclusive, and holds a variety of majors to fit every type of business student. The faculty are all extremely helpful and care about your education. Peers in the Belk College of Business understand the importance of networking which makes us such a tight knit community. If you are thinking about applying, think no more and join our community!

In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte?

In my opinion, the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte are the lightrail, the union, and most importantly, the people. The lightrail is so convenient to use to access the rest of the city of Charlotte easily, especially uptown where there are many opportunities for internships, jobs, etc. The union is so large and accommodates a lot of the important offices that are accessible in one convenient location - a one-stop shop, if you will. Most importantly, the best thing about UNC Charlotte is the people, everyone has created a community here and we are all here to help each other succeed without a second thought! 

Tell us 3 random things about yourself

I rescued my cat, Oreo, off the streets when she almost got hit by a car! My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids, but only the watermelon ones. I have dabbled playing a variety of instruments including alto saxophone, piano, guitar, recorder, etc.

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