Sydney Welch

Current employer: Womble Bond Dickinson

Position: Project Assistant

Graduation Year: 2019

Favorite Place on Campus: Botanical Gardens

Favorite Restaurant in Charlotte: Rock Bottom Brewery

Hometown: Morganton, NC

Dream Job: Corporate Litigator

Sydney Welch, Levine Scholar, Accounting major, and Project Leader for Not in My City Project, mentions how The Belk College of Business has prepared her for her role as Project Leader, she says: “I have been able to contribute the skills that I’ve honed in class to the fight against human trafficking. Having those two worlds merge in that way has easily been the most rewarding part of my academic experience.”

What major did you pursue and why?

I am an Accounting major with a minor in Legal Studies. I initially wanted to find a practical career path that somehow involved math. I also really love complex problem solving and putting together puzzles (literally and figuratively). Those reasons have evolved into my desire to have a strong financial and accounting background before pursuing studies in corporate law. Having studied Accounting for four years will continue to pay off in my future career as a litigator.

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business/UNC Charlotte?

I chose UNC Charlotte, and eventually the Belk College of Business, because when I set foot on campus before my freshman year, I knew almost instantly that it was home. The welcoming staff, beautiful campus and commitment to excellence really drew me in. I knew that because of the advantageous positioning of the campus in Charlotte and as the state’s urban research institution, I would have a place with which I could grow and make my own.

What activities are you involved in when not working or studying?

I am the Project Leader of Not In My City Project, a local initiative that empowers college students to raise awareness of human trafficking in their spheres of influence and raises funds to benefit survivors of human trafficking. We sell t-shirts and other products to help pay for counseling sessions, doctor’s appointments and clothes. Additionally, we hold awareness events on campus to raise up a generation of doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists, engineers, or architects that know about human trafficking and can work in their strengths to stop it. I also love board games and hiking!

What has been the best part of your academic experience so far?

The Belk College of Business and the Turner School of Accountancy has actually prepared me to oversee the bookkeeping and budgeting process for Not In My City Project. I have been able to contribute the skills that I’ve honed in class to the fight against human trafficking. Having those two worlds merge in that way has easily been the most rewarding part of my academic experience.

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone who is thinking about applying?

The Belk College of Business is a place where you can come to find excellent training and education to prepare you for whatever career in the business world that you choose. You will also find a supportive community of like-minded individuals who work hard and challenge each other to the betterment of everyone.

Have you utilized any professional development from the Niblock Student Center?

I have attended a few networking events and Lunch and Learns!

What does professional development mean to you?

Professional development is a way to hone skills that you can’t or don’t necessarily learn in the classroom. It’s important to have a picture of the nuances or particulars of what your career will look like, and professional development will provide that.

How has being a Levine Scholar helped you?

The Levine Scholars Program has offered me a familial support system and a wealth of opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I have been able to travel to three countries, attend conferences, make invaluable connections and create a unique and very personalized overall experience because of the Levine Program.

What high school did you attend?

East Burke High School in Connelly Springs, NC.

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to take a year off and work for a law firm in Charlotte, and then attend law school for corporate litigation!

In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte?  

The diversity of thought and experience; every person has a unique story and UNC Charlotte facilitates success in each of those.
The commitment to growth and expansion. UNC Charlotte consistently finds ways to innovate and improve, and those values are transferred to faculty, students, and the community.

The investment in the surrounding University City community and the City of Charlotte. We, as students, are always so inspired by the work and service done by members of the University to benefit everyone impacted by the presence of UNC Charlotte. We aren’t an exclusive club!

Bonus favorite thing: the chocolate milk in Crown Commons—no joke, it was one of the reasons I came to UNC Charlotte.

What is your favorite class that you have taken and why?

My favorite class in the Belk College of Business has been Business Law with Professor Chesson. He is a very dedicated professor who has lots of knowledge and experience. He makes the class very interesting and I’ve been able to apply knowledge from that class in my major and my minor in Legal Studies.

Tell us 3 random things about yourself.

I love the San Francisco Giants so much. I got to see three of their games this summer.
I am known as the Puzzle Master in my apartment—I’m really good at puzzles.

I live for adventure. I love hiking, particularly at sunrise, jumping off of cliffs, kayaking, 
parasailing, etc.

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