Mastering Classes Through the Guidance of Experts

Friday, October 5, 2018
A student perspective on a key element of success

As someone who had a public health degree, I knew that I wanted to find a strong graduate program that was going to help me achieve my goal of working in healthcare administration.  When looking for a graduate program there are many factors that mattered to me, such as the length of the program, location, and well-respected professors that could enhance my learning experience. 


Coming from non-business backgrounds, courses like accounting, finance and economics can be intimidating for students. Fortunately, the Belk College of Business M.S. in Management program has allowed my cohort to learn from several guest speakers, including visiting business leaders, professional development leaders, advisors, and others who help us navigate the courses.

But in particular, the dedication and expertise of the professors will be key in our success. These faculty are extremely knowledgeable on the topics and know how to bring real-world examples into the classroom. This type of teaching is helpful and allows me to learn about what is going on in our society today.


One professor who has made a huge impact on my performance in the program is Dr. John Connaughton, professor of economics. His interactive lectures have been helpful and insightful when learning new topics and applying them to events we might experience.  This is valuable not only as managers in our industries but also as being an everyday consumer in the marketplace. 


It is very enriching being in an environment that promotes active discussion between professor and students. Another bonus of having Dr. Connaughton as our professor is the fact that we’re being taught by a well-respected professional in the business world. It gives me confidence knowing that I made a good choice by choosing this graduate program.

Having strong professors has really helped confirm that I made the right choice when I joined the Belk College M.S. in Management program. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that it has given me so far and I look forward to seeing what is in store in the months to come.

Katelyn Thomas, M.S. in Management Ambassador, ‘19

Katelyn Thomas, a student in the Belk College of Business Master of Science in Management inaugural cohort, serves as the Recruitment and Cohort Experience Ambassador.  In this role, she assists with the recruitment initiatives of her program to prospective students and plans enriching experiences for the students in the M.S. in Management program through activities and events that strengthen the connections and bonds outside the classroom. Belk College of Business welcomes Katelyn and all M.S. in Management students to the program!