A Day in the Life of a Master of Accountancy Student

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Student Insight: Get an inside look at how MACC Ambassador, Mary Olson, balances it all

Until I found the Master of Accountancy program at the Belk College of Business, I was nervous to go back to school.  Leaving a stable nine-to-five job is unsettling and it wasn’t until I found the MACC program at UNC Charlotte that I seriously considered taking the leap to reach my career goals.  With the program, I am able to complete my Master of Accountancy in Uptown Charlotte all while working towards my CPA licensing through study sessions held by the same professors who teach our classes.  While the workload is challenging, there is plenty of flexibility that comes with the program whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time class schedule.

A typical day on campus looks like this for me:

7:30 AM

Wake up and make the bed. Take a quick shower. Throw on some athleisure wear (perfect for a long study day). Let my dog, Lane, out and feed her some breakfast. Make myself some coffee and eggs for breakfast.

8:30 AM

Go through my daily planner and decide what school work to dig in on for the day. Pack my lunch, grab my backpack and head out the door for campus.

9:00 AM

Arrive at Center City campus and head to the 11th-floor library. Start working on homework and reading for whichever of the four classes I have selected to work on.

10:30 AM

Take a break and work on something personal. Whether making an appointment for my car/myself or working on my Harris Teeter pick-up order for the week.

11:00 AM

Continue working on my assignments.

12:00 PM

Head down to the 5th-floor study room to heat up my lunch in the microwave. Treat myself to a Diet Coke from the vending machine.

12:30 PM

Continue working on my assignments.

2:00 PM

Class starts every day for me at the same time because I enjoy the consistency.

4:45 PM

Get out of class.

5:20 PM

Arrive at the Harris YMCA and get a quick workout in. Pray I charged my wireless headphones.

6:15 PM

Head home to start on dinner and take care of my dog. Do a little cleaning or laundry. Take a shower. Wait on my fiancé to get home so we can eat.

8:00 PM

Check Canvas for any notes I need to take with me to class tomorrow. Print and hole-punch these notes for my binder.

8:15 PM

Relax and spend some quality time with my fiancé watching our latest Netflix or Hulu obsession.

10:00 PM

Climb into bed to start again in the morning.

With the MACC program, I feel like you get out as much as you put into it. For me, I view it as my full-time job so I like to spend eight hours (or more) a day working on school work. This still allows me to do all the things I did before when I was working full-time.  I can still grab drinks or dinner on a weeknight long as I have kept myself organized enough to stay on top of my schoolwork.