Graduate Student Ambassador Opens Up About Learning in a Cohort Model

Student Insight: M.S. in Management Ambassador, Victoria Bracken, shares about the cohort experience
Monday, September 16, 2019
Student Insight: M.S. in Management Ambassador, Victoria Bracken, shares about the cohort experience

During the summer semester, 25 graduate students in the M.S. in Management program began their first graduate-level classes together: Quantitative Business Analysis, Organizational Behavior and an ongoing Career & Professional Development course.

The beauty of the M.S. in Management program is that it’s made for non-business majors, so the courses are prepared with those types of students in mind. The fact that you get to experience cohort culture and spend each class with the same group allows for more comradery and support at a level that few have in their graduate experiences. For me — the beast that is math became much smaller in size with a built-in study group by my side.

Many working towards their bachelor’s degree believe that the uncertainty of their future makes them less qualified or “right” for graduate school, but those in my cohort would tell you that is nowhere near the case. Starting the program, students in the program shared their backgrounds and why they decided to reach for a higher level of education. It was a pleasant surprise for many to find out that their peers were here even though they weren’t 100% sure of where they were going in their careers. They knew that a degree in management from the Belk College of Business would help them learn new marketable skills and come to better understand their career direction. Though uncertain, many took a leap and found themselves on common ground within their cohort. Chapter after chapter, topic after topic, we continue to realize the “scariness” of the graduate-level courses doesn’t have to be so intimidating in the present moment, especially with a cohort support system by your side.

Article Written by Victoria Bracken, M.S. in Management Ambassador, 20

Victoria Bracken, a graduate student in the Belk College of Business Master of Science in Management, serves as the Ambassador for her graduate program. In this role, she shares her perspective as a student of the program through her original content, manages the cohort’s Facebook and Instagram pages, attends class and enjoys her cohort experience.