Belk College Receives High Rankings for Graduating African American Students

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Undergraduate finance and marketing programs each rank among the top 10 in the nation

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education has recognized the Belk College of Business for its commitment to helping minority students succeed.

The college’s undergraduate finance and marketing programs each rank among the top 10 in the nation for African Americans, according to the publication’s “Top 100 Degree Producers for 2019” rankings, which were released Dec. 26.

The Belk College is fifth in the nation for its finance program, up from eighth in 2018, and seventh for its marketing program, up from 24 in 2018. The programs are two of the college’s largest undergraduate degree programs.

The rankings – based on U.S. Department of Education 2017-18 graduate data from public and private college and universities – also found that among all disciplines, UNC Charlotte ranks no. 2 in North Carolina – and no. 24 in the nation – as the largest producer of bachelor’s degrees for African American students; this is up from no. 30 in 2018. 

Finding the Right Fit

Jeremiah Canty ’19 says he found the right fit at UNC Charlotte. Canty, who earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing last May, says that he wanted to attend college in a metropolitan area that not only offered his major but that had a diverse population.

“I wanted the school I attended to resemble the real-world workforce,” said Canty, who is now pursuing a master’s degree in data science and business analytics (DSBA) from UNC Charlotte.

Ahmad Hill, who graduates in May with a degree in finance, says the University’s high rankings for bachelor’s degrees for African American students supports “UNC Charlotte’s seemingly natural diversity, which is evident when walking around the campus.”

“This means you will see more people who look like you that are pursuing the same or similar goals as you, which provides that extra sense of comfort and belief that you are where you belong,” Hill says.

The Belk College ranked in the top 100 in 12 categories, including:

  • Finance (total minority), no. 22
  • Marketing (total minority), no. 28
  • Finance (Hispanic), no. 38
  • Accounting (African American), no. 59

More on the rankings in Inside UNC Charlotte.

Photo: Jeremiah Canty (left) and Ahmad Hill