Celebrating 50 Years of Driving Business

Thursday, November 12, 2020
Belk College's 50th anniversary moved into high gear this month with a series of virtual events

Fifty years ago this month, UNC Charlotte’s Board of Trustees, responding to explosive growth and educational trends, established what would become the Belk College of Business.

The college, led by founding Dean Allan Palmer, had just eight full-time faculty members and had just launched its first graduate program. Today, the Belk College is one of the largest, most diverse business schools in the Carolinas, with nearly 100 full-time faculty, 4,700 graduate and undergraduate students, and an alumni network of more than 33,000.

“The Belk College's growth and tremendous success did not come by chance," says Belk College Dean Jennifer Troyer. “We are indebted to those visionary college and community leaders, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our students and alumni. That vision and dedication transformed the Belk College, from its humble beginnings, into a leading urban research business school."  

With social distancing, the college is celebrating its anniversary with virtual events and programming. The celebration, themed “Green and Gold Drive Business,” moved into high gear this month, with events including:

The golden anniversary is an opportunity to look back but also to reintroduce the college to the region, Troyer says.

The 50th anniversary celebration will continue through April. Learn more about events and how you can share your memories.