Three Considerations as You Decide on a Business Master’s Degree

Student Insight: Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador, shares what you should keep in mind.
Monday, February 22, 2021
Student Insight: Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador, shares what you should keep in mind.

Deciding to pursue a graduate degree is a major life decision that must be carefully considered as it is both a sizable financial and time investment. Admittedly when I decided to apply, I had little idea of what the journey would entail but was struck by the idea of obtaining my master’s degree as I knew it would open new opportunities professionally.

As I am now in my final semester in the M.S. in Management, here are a few things you should keep in mind when picking a graduate program: 

1.) Find the Right Match

M.S. in Management Virtual Preview Day: March 12

Graduate programs will look drastically different based on their offerings, program staff, and curriculum-even within the same university, programs yield different experiences for their students. It is important that during your research you can gain the perspective of staff, faculty and students to see if the program is a good fit for you.

I would highly recommend attending the upcoming Virtual Preview Day on March 12 to get an inside look at the program from current students and alumni, learn more about the admissions process and have all of your questions answered.

Personally, the M.S in Management’s career coaching and cohort culture attracted me to the program as the employment placement rate was high and so many alumni spoke fondly of their cohort experience. Be sure to reach out to establish communication with either the program recruiter, director or students to get a better sense of the program and how it can work for your goals.

2.) Planning is Key

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The planning of applying to graduate school is straightforward, you obtain all the necessary materials, pay the fee and submit - done! Well not exactly, you need to be sure that you are strategically planning out each portion of the application process to ensure you are putting your best foot forward. Ensuring that you give yourself enough time to write a strong statement of purpose and pick a quality recommender will be important for admissions and scholarship considerations.

The priority application deadline for the M.S in Management program is February 28, 2021, applying before this deadline automatically puts you into consideration for priority admissions, assistantships, graduate and programmatic scholarships, so be sure to plan ahead!

3.) Prepare for your Next Academic Journey

Many graduate students will tell you that graduate school is a more distinct experience than their undergraduate ones. There is an expectation that students perform at a higher level when it comes to their academic work and participation. As you are applying to your program, you may find yourself nervous and even questioning your abilities but know that this is natural as you enter your next stage academically. Taking the time to connect with current graduate students and learning about their experiences can be a helpful way to help you prepare for the journey ahead.

Article Written by Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador
Kelvin Pineda, M.S. in Management Ambassador

Kelvin Pineda, a student in the Belk College M.S. in Management, serves as a Student Ambassador for his graduate program. Learn more about Kelvin in his Faces of Belk College profile or connect with him on email or LinkedIn.