Belk Scholars Program in Business Analytics

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Does this describe you? You like working with data, numbers, math and technology. You want to connect your passion for data with how decisions are made. You want to make a difference for companies. You want to be a leader in business analytics and be recruited to work at top companies in the field.

UNC Charlotte’s Belk Scholars Program in Business Analytics gives you the training, education and professional development to connect data to business outcomes.

The Belk Scholars Program in the Belk College of Business, part of the Data Science Initiative, allows high-achieving students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in five years. This fast-track program enables graduates to pursue lucrative, high-demand careers in business analytics. 

This innovative program combines cutting edge technical training in business analytics and big data analytics with core training in business. The combination of technical training and knowledge of the business environment sets Belk Scholars Program graduates apart in seeking rewarding careers in the burgeoning field of big data analytics.   For more information view the Belk Scholars Program Brochure.

Students completing the program earn a B.S. in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Business Analytics and one of the following master’s degrees: 
- Master of Science in Mathematical Finance (a program ranked in the top 25 nationally), 
- Professional Science Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics (a program with the College of Computing and Informatics), or 
- Master of Science in Economics (with a strong reputation and alumni network).  

Although Belk Scholars are required to enter the program as Business Analytics majors, we recognize that students may develop a particular interest in another discipline.  Belk Scholars are permitted, in consultation with the Director of the Belk Scholars Program, to change to another major within the Belk College of Business provided that two stipulations are met:  (1) the Belk Scholar’s new course of study must contain all quantitative and computer science courses required in the math and programming core of the Business Analytics major and (2) the Belk Scholar’s new course of study must satisfy all prerequisite requirements for at least one of the Masters Degree Programs listed as options for the Belk Scholars Program

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Video featuring professors in the Belk Scholars Program in Business Analytics

L.Ted Amato, PhD, Director of Belk Scholars and Business Honors Programs

Craig Depken, PhD, Director of MS-Economics



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Note: Students accepted into the Belk Scholars Program are required to have a membership in the Business Honors Program.  Students must complete the BHP Integrity Contract; however, no additional application is required.