Jack Bitcon

Where are you from?
I am from Waxhaw, N.C.

What high school did you attend?
I attended Marvin Ridge High School.

When do you plan to graduate?
I plan to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in May 2020 and my master’s in May 2021.

In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte?
The close proximity to the second largest banking city in the nation.

The ability to see my family at a moment's notice because it's close to home.

The resources and facilities that will prepare you for life after graduation.

Where is your favorite place on campus?
My favorite place on campus is the 10th floor of the library with a view of the Charlotte skyline. It's a great place to study!

What is your favorite Charlotte restaurant?
I'm a huge fan of Fahrenheit in downtown Charlotte. It's located on the top of a building so the views are amazing!

What is your favorite class that you have taken and why?
My favorite class so far is Business Analytics with Dr. Amato and Dr. Buttimer.

Tell us 3 random things about yourself.
I have 2 younger brothers.

I was born in Boston.

I have known that I've wanted to go into business since I was very young.

Jack Bitcon is in the prestigious Belk Scholars Program, in which he will receive a bachelor's degree and master's degree in five years with specialization and training in business analytics.

What major(s) are you pursuing and why?
I am pursuing a B.S.B.A. in Business Analytics. This is a relatively new field that contains heavy concentrations in calculus, finance, programming and economics. All of these topics are of interest to me, so business analytics was an easy choice.
In high school, I took just about every business class that my school had to offer. I really enjoyed math and economics. When Dr. Amato sent me the email invitation to join the Belk Scholars Program, it was almost too good to be true!

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business/UNC Charlotte?
I chose the Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte because it is extremely competitive. UNC Charlotte is also located in the heart of uptown Charlotte, the second largest banking city in the country. The opportunities for business majors in this city are fantastic.

What activities are you involved in when not working or studying?
I help coach my brothers' football teams and I plan to participate in intramural football.

What has been the best part of your academic experience so far? 
I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing about lives that are different from mine. Being exposed to so many new people has definitely been the best part of my academic experience so far.

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone who is thinking about applying?
The Belk College of Business is extremely competitive. The courses are rigorous, but professors and fellow classmates will do whatever they can to support you. Everyone here is working towards a common goal.

If you have received a scholarship or financial aid, how has that helped you?
I received the Belk Scholars Scholarship. My scholarship helped me make my decision to come to UNC Charlotte. It pushes me to keep my GPA up and strive to earn every penny. This opportunity allows me to achieve my bachelor's degree and master’s degree in only 5 years.
The moment I got into the program was amazing for my family and for me. We weren't sure we could even pay for college at all before this opportunity. This program has given me the education and the opportunities of a lifetime.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to work for a large bank or financial institution here in Charlotte after graduation.


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