Entrepreneurial Decisions Series

Entrepreneurial Decisions course and series

Entrepreneurship and innovation are at the heart of the teaching and research of the Belk College of Business. Beginning in fall 2018, the Belk College is offering a new public speaker series as part of a course called "Entrepreneurial Decisions." Each week, entrepreneurs in the Charlotte region will discuss the decisions they made, such as starting their businesses as individual founders versus teams, acquiring the right amount and type of capital at the right time, starting a business as a student versus learning on someone else’s dime, gender and race-related challenges, overcoming setbacks and more. Leading entrepreneurs from the Charlotte community participating in the course include Belk College alumni Bryan Delaney (Skookum), Calvin Brock (Jack and Landlords), Chris Elmore (AvidXchange) and Manuel Zapata (Zapata, Inc.). Several of the sessions will be open to the business community this fall 2018: August 29, October 3, October 24 and December 5.

  • August 29 – Topic: Capital: How much? What type? At what cost? How to access?
    Panelists: Chris Elmore ‘93 (AvidExchange) and Rob Cummings (DealCloud) 

  • October 3 – Topic: Envisioning the Future: Transforming Uncertainty into Reality
    Panelist: Manuel L. Zapata, P.E. ‘72 MBA (ZAPATA Group) - also Fall 2018 CEO Speaker Series

  • October 24 – Topic: Starting with Nothing: How to do Big Things When Your Bank Account is Small (or Empty)
    Panelists: Bryan Delaney ‘03 (Skookum), Vanessa Vaughn (Asfalis) and Ticora Davis (The Creator’s Law Firm)

  • December 5 – Topic: Learning on the Job: Planning versus Taking the Leap
    Panelists: Christopher Moxley '03, Jerri Shephard '14, Scott Wooten
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    NOTE: This talk will be held at UNC Charlotte's main campus - Bioinformatics Building, Room 105.

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Further Study: Academic Programs in Entrepreneurship


Undergraduate Programs

The Belk College fosters an entrepreneurial mindset by providing foundational skills in entrepreneurship and innovation. Management and Marketing majors are specifically inspired to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset as they prepare for leadership in any organization.

Graduate Programs

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation gives students a strong foundation of unique skills that complements their existing education and experiences. 

For those students wanting to focus the MBA program even more toward entrepreneurship, the Belk College offers multiple concentrations in entrepreneurship, including:

·         Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venturing

·         Innovation and Growth Strategies

Students in the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program develop their skills of entrepreneurship and innovation. The DBA program is a launchpad for careers in management, consulting or a professorship at a business school.

Executive Education

UNC Charlotte Executive Education is dedicated to connecting individuals and organizations to Charlotte’s research university through an interdisciplinary cohort of faculty that develop programs for individuals, custom programs for organizations, short-format programs, and community events. Executive Education delivers programs for individuals on topics like, “The Corporate Entrepreneur: Driving Innovation and Growth” and “Building Analytics Teams to Create a Competitive Advantage,” as well as custom programs for organizations such as TIAA and AAA Carolinas on “Understanding Entrepreneurial Behavior in Organizations and its Implications for Firm Performance,” and “Driving Innovation and Change.”

Feature: Belk College alumni, students and faculty perspectives on entrepreneurship