Chelsya Cook

Where are you from?
I was born in Charlotte and have always lived here.

In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte?
The professors in the Criminal Justice Department

Campus is close to a lot of great restaurants and fun places to go in Charlotte.

The Belk College is in the Friday building which is a convenient, central location on campus.

What is your favorite food?
Chicken! I absolutely love it.

What is your favorite Charlotte restaurant?
I have a lot of places I love, but probably East Coast Wings. Their wings and appetizers are amazing and they have so many types of flavors!

What was your favorite class at UNC Charlotte and why?
I don’t have just one favorite class. It’s probably a tie between my Evidence and Law Enforcement Behavioral Systems courses for criminal justice. The professors I had are phenomenal and the courses were so interesting!

Chelsya Cook
Chelsya Cook graduated with an accounting major and criminal justice minor.
What was your major and why did you choose it?

I majored in accounting. My mother has always been in the accounting field and she enjoys what she does. There are so many things to do in the field. You can work with the federal government investigating financial fraud or work with a private firm doing consulting – it depends what you want to learn in the field and where you would like to work. The job security is also fantastic.

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business/UNC Charlotte?

I went to Appalachian State University my first year of college, and I even had a different major. I came to the conclusion that I really didn’t want to continue pursuing the major I was studying, so I decided to change my major to business. Accountants are in high demand, and finding an accounting internship in a city like Charlotte is not difficult at all.  The resources available to students through the Belk College of Business make finding internship opportunities easy and the location of the university helps with the accessibility to many wonderful companies.

What activities were you involved in when not working/studying?

I had an internship with the financial services company, TIAA-CREF. I played soccer on the weekends, and I was a part of the accounting honor society, Beta Alpha Psi.

What was the best part of your academic experience?

I was a criminal justice minor and I absolutely loved all of the classes and professors in that subject area.

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone who is thinking about applying?

There are many different programs and you are able to take courses in many areas of business. Although this can be frustrating at times, having exposure to many different areas of business is beneficial to your career.

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