Kedric Wright

Current Employer: Wells Fargo Advisors

Position: Client Services Representative

Favorite Place in Charlotte: Greenway Trails

Hometown: Durham, NC

Undergraduate Institution and Degree: University of North Carolina Charlotte with a B.S. in Economics

Dream Job: Economist for the Federal Reserve

Master of Science in Economics
Kedric Wright was a student in the Master of Science in Economics program, with his sights set on entering a Ph.D. program after graduation. An undergraduate alumni of the Belk College, Kedric chose to return to the Belk College of Business to pursue his master’s in the evenings while working full-time for Wells Fargo. He says the connection between the Belk College and the financial services industry in Charlotte has given him unique insight and information to apply at work, and has opened doors for networking and professional development.
What degree did you pursue and why?

I pursued an M.S. in Economics with a concentration in Financial Management with a goal of earning my Ph.D. in Economics. Working toward my master’s is putting me one step closer to realizing my dream of working as an Economist for the Federal Reserve.

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business over others?

I chose the Belk College of Business for many reasons, but the most important would definitely be how interconnected the college is with its surroundings, the city of Charlotte, local companies and major financial institutions.  Being that I completed bachelor’s at UNC Charlotte, I think it would have been almost impossible for me to find another business school as well-connected as the Belk College.  Also, the resources that the college offers are outstanding and comparable to no other university.

Where do you work? What activities are you involved in when not working/studying?

I currently work with Wells Fargo Advisors, however, when I’m not working or studying I like spending time outside walking, running, or learning new sports. I also started to learn a little carpentry work, which I like to try out in my spare time.

What has been the best part of your academic experience so far?

The best part of my academic experience has been working with some of the best professors in the country. Professors here in the Belk College of Business really understand what it takes to succeed, and how to prepare students for success in this industry.  They have all been a big inspiration for me in deciding to pursue my master’s through their hard work and commitment to us, the students.  Since joining the Belk College of Business as an undergraduate, I have had a countless number of exceptional experiences.  From awesome academic advisors and career coaches, to job fairs and study groups, the Belk College has given me so many opportunities to mark myself and my brand, as well as learn more about others and the world we live in.

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone considering a master’s program?

I would describe the Belk College of Business as an ancient catapult!  Once you make the decision to get in, the only place it can take you is up!  I would say that in deciding to join master’s program here at Charlotte, you will be presented with so many wonderful opportunities to network and increase your potential.  Being immersed in such a unique graduate school environment is definitely something any student should capitalize on.  The proximity to Charlotte allows us to learn about topics in the classroom, then step outside and experience it firsthand. 

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