Madison Hartness

Where are you from?

I have lived in several areas of North Carolina, but I call Davie County, N.C., home.

When do you plan to graduate?

May 2018

In your opinion, what are the 3 best things about UNC Charlotte?

The beauty of the campus.

The growing city and size of the university.

The endless opportunities. And Chick Fil A, of course!

Where is your favorite place on campus?

During the day, if I am not in class or at work, I am hanging out with my Impact Charlotte family in the library outside of Peet's cafe. I know that if I stop by that area between classes, someone I know will be there.  

What is your favorite Charlotte restaurant?

On my 19th birthday, my aunt and grandmother took me to 300 East in Dilworth and I fell in love. I don’t really like sweet potatoes but my aunt made me try sweet potato ravioli and I don’t think I have ever tasted anything as heavenly.

Tell us a few random things about yourself.

I met Bill Clinton in 7th grade because he came and spoke at my middle school.

I can crack an egg with one hand.

I really love to sing!

Madison Hartness

Madison Hartness is a Business Honors Program student pursuing a double major in marketing and management.

What majors are you pursuing and why?

I grew up in a the home of an educator and all my life I said that I wanted to be a teacher.  As I finished high school and really started to explore career options, I quickly realized that I would never be happy in a classroom five days a week. As a child, I would plan businesses and share my detailed plans with my parents. I generated a party planning business, a catering business, a dog walking business, a multitude of lemonade stands and countless other ventures. Looking back, it makes perfect sense that I am currently pursuing a career in business. I am a double major in marketing and management with concentrations in general marketing and organizational management.

Why did you choose the Belk College of Business/UNC Charlotte?

I am a fairly indecisive person in general which made choosing a college all the more difficult. I narrowed my search to two schools and I told my parents that I wanted to tour them on my own because I did not want anyone’s opinions or biases to sway my decision. After touring UNC Charlotte and one other school, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace that UNC Charlotte was my home! The Belk College of Business offered wonderful resources, numerous internship and networking opportunities, and an honors program that would greatly benefit my collegiate career.

What activities are you involved in when not working/studying?

I am in the Business Honors Program, which has provided me with numerous networking and volunteer opportunities as well as wonderful friends. I am also involved in Charlotte Dance Marathon each year on different committees. My pride and joy on UNC Charlotte’s campus is my church, Impact Charlotte, where I serve as a student leader. Being a part of the Impact family gives me much joy. I am able to share the Gospel, be a part of a community of believers, build meaningful relationships, laugh a lot and refine my leadership skills. I also love to sing, bake, travel, watch HGTV, binge on Netflix shows, and pin for hours on Pinterest.

What has been the best part of your academic experience so far?

The Business Honors Program hosts various speakers throughout the semester. Being able to hear from a multitude of companies and individuals from the Charlotte community has been one of my favorite parts of my academic experience thus far. I have been able to make connections with speakers and employers through meetings and mock interviews.

How would you describe the Belk College of Business to someone who is thinking about applying?

The Belk College of Business is a world of exploration and endless opportunities. The location of UNC Charlotte is extremely beneficial to any business student. Because it is the second largest financial district in the country, the companies that are housed within the city limits and beyond provide students with an abundance of internship, employment and learning opportunities.

If you have received a scholarship or financial aid, how has that helped you?

During my freshman and sophomore years, I received the Rexham Corporation Scholarship. This scholarship helped to lighten the financial load of college. The costs of tuition, housing, food and textbooks add up rather quickly and I am extremely grateful for scholarships that allow that cost to be reduced.

What internship/employment opportunities have you had?

During high school, I worked at a bakery and cafe in Mocksville, N.C. This experience shaped my love for business and played a role in my choice of major. During the second week of my freshman year of college, I received an email about an internship with the External Relations team in the Belk College of Business. I was intrigued, so I applied and I worked with the team during my freshman and sophomore years. One of my jobs was to seek out and develop the Faces of Belk College profiles that you are reading! I worked with wonderful team members who are eager to help me learn about each of their jobs. When I am living at home during the summer, I work for a residential real estate office. This job has allowed me to learn the ropes of real estate, explore the career and learn essential administrative skills.

What are your plans after graduation?

Primarily, I want to help others. I have several different passions within various areas of business that I am continuing to explore. I am intrigued by real estate, non-profit and entrepreneurship. Somehow,  I will find a way to merge those three areas together in a way that will be beneficial to my community and that will help those around me.