Academic Excellence & Leadership

The Business Honors Program offers the opportunity to enroll as a first-semester freshman, at the beginning of the sophomore year or the beginning of the junior year.  The BHP plan of study is designed to promote academic curiosity and to inspire educational enterprise. Students participate in a variety of unique courses covering topics such as Corporate Citizenship, Ethics, Professionalism, and Leadership. A required experiential education opportunity such as an internship or study abroad provides a unique springboard for hands-on learning. Every honors student at UNC Charlotte is required to complete a capstone experience.  The Business Honors Program offers both group project and traditional thesis options for satisfying this requirement.  The group project option offers students the opportunity to complete their capstone experience working in multi-functional teams that mirror real-world business firms.  The group project is housed in a special honors section of Strategic Management.  The individual thesis option requires students to complete an original research project and provides excellent preparation for post-graduate study. The BHP curriculum includes honors sections of Introduction to Business & Professional Development, Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Management & Organizational Behavior, Marketing Concepts, Operations Management, and Business Communications.  Students begin the business honors course sequence depending upon their point of entry (freshman, sophomore, or junior) and are expected to take all business honors courses for which they are eligible.  Academic excellence is expected to be maintained throughout a student’s career in the BHP, with a minimum 3.5 grade point average.

BHP students will have the opportunity to develop their skills as future business professionals by attending workshops, seminars, and professional business speaker events. Extracurricular involvement is expected and many BHP members serve in leadership positions among the student organizations offered in the Belk College of Business and at UNC Charlotte.

Academic Life

Business Honors classes are stimulating and challenging. Members are expected to discuss and participate in class, to go above and beyond in interpreting and understanding related material, and to perform at a superior level. This is like no other honors experience. Students in the program are not rewarded with higher grades or adjusted grade point averages. The rewards come from the challenge and mastery of the material.

To create an atmosphere of respect and a drive for higher learning, Business Honors classes are only available to accepted students in the program. Smaller, exclusive classes allow for natural study groups to form and promote greater faculty interaction, leading to a more enriching academic experience.

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