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Career Resources


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Explore different career options aligned with Belk College of Business majors:


Hire-A-Niner is the campus system used for internship and job postings as well as online career resources. Students can set up their account and access the system at using their NinerNet credentials.

In order to apply for internships and full-time jobs students must have an approved resume uploaded to their Hire-A-Niner account. The approval process takes up to 48 business hours. Students should make sure to submit their resume early so that it will be approved prior to internship or job submission deadlines.

On-Demand Professional Development Meet-Ups

Current undergraduate business students are encouraged to participate in professional development programming. These opportunities can assist you with skill development, networking, and your career management. If you are interested in accessing a PD Meet-Up that was recorded live, please request access using this form.  You will receive an email with a link to the video. 

Current topics include: Online Resources for Career Navigation, Gratitude is the Best Attitude, Having Fun While Staying at Home, Time Management, Job Search Ready, Tips for Job Hunting During Economic Uncertainty, Phone and Video Interviewing, and Having Fun While Staying at Home.


We encourage you to use LinkedIn to build your network and engage with Belk College of Business alumni


Consider building your skillset and professional knowledge with a micro-internship. These are short-term, paid, professional assignments that could give you insight into internships or entry-level jobs within your field of study. 

Big Interview  

Current undergraduate business students are encouraged to prepare for interviews, especially virtual interviews, using Big Interview. You have the opportunity to build STAR (situation, task, action, result) answers for common behavioral questions, to practice interview questions for specific industries and jobs, and to reflect on your own virtual presentation skills.